Application Process 


The Multi-Cultural Center is required to follow California Department of Education guidelines, rules and regulations when enrolling for our part-day program. State-funded programs such as ours are designed for low to moderate-income families. We are a subsidized program.

Children who meet the criteria below receive priority for enrollment at state preschool programs:


  1. Those referred by Child Protective Services

  2. Those documented referrals by a licensed professional as being at-risk of abuse

    and/or neglect

  3. Children who are 4 years old by September 1st. (However, it is highly recommended to fill out an application even if your child turns 4 in the following months). 

  4. Children, whose family receive Public assistance




1. Once families fill out an application, we will make a phone call (usually in the month of April). The first phone calls will be with families who first meet the priority criteria.


2- During this phone call, we will provide all needed information about the program and review the completed application materials to determine eligibility.


3- If your family meets the admission criteria, we will make an appointment to enroll your child.


Upon inquiry, application materials will be provided. These include forms requires by the California Department of Education (Child Division of Fiscal Services), the California Community Care Licensing and our Center’s. 


Click on this pen to fill out an application online

If you received a phone call to make an enrollment appointment, you will receive a package with some forms to fill out with this letter included. Please bring all the documents we are requesting the day of your appointment.