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We are Healthy

We are Proud partners with the
apple Program

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Multi-Cultural Child 
Development Center 

Nutrition & Physical

The Multi-Cultural Child Development Center has partnered with the Healthy Apple Program through Sonoma County 4Cs. 

The Healthy Apple program is designed by the Federal and State Health Department, to support Early Childhood Center and Educators to improve the nutrition, physical activity practices, and environment of child care facilities. 

The program is designed to keep our centers up to date with the most comprehensive policies, information, curriculum, and ideas to maintain the best Healthy environment for our children and their families, that includes nutrition and physical activity. The Healthy apple awards our achievements not only through recognitions, but also providing a vast variety of materials to support our efforts. 

Scroll down to See pictures of our children in action in the Exploring Nutrition and Physical Activity Galleries and, 
To Find Fun and useful Family Resources you can put into practice at home. 

Additionally, our program is contracted by the State of California Food Program (CACFP). Press the apple to learn more: 

Exploring Nutrition 

We learn by doing. We decide with our teacher what vegetables or spices we would like to plant. We start from a seed, and everything takes over from that point. We experience science, math, language and social skills during this process. Best of all, we practice healthy eating habits. 

Physical Activity

Resources for Families

Heathy Tips for Picky Eaters

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Phrases that Help and Hinder

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Start Simply with My Plate

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What is My Plate All About? 

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Kid Friendly Veggies and Fruits

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5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Family Media Diet

5 Pasos simples para  una dieta de Pantallas (celulares, TV y tabletas) saludable

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