The MCCDC Child Development Center provides our children with two healthy meals daily. Often, our staff will create lively activities and conversations with our children about nutritious food options, encouraging them to try new foods, the importance of physical activity (at least an hour a day), “screen” time (no more than 30 min. for a

preschool age child) and the positive effects on our bodies.
We highly encourage our families to continue these healthy standards at home.


There is plenty of information about Healthy Food Choices and Physical Activity here



You can always request more information in the office, our staff or Food program coordinator.

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  • Morning Program: Children will be served a snack and lunch daily.

  • Afternoon Program: Children will be served lunch and a snack daily.

Multicultural Child Development Center's Wellness Policy 


These meals are prepared according to the Federal Food Program guidelines for balanced nutritional meals. The menus are planned to include foods of various cultures.


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Food and other Resources in Sonoma County

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